Sunday, November 30, 2008

A great idea gone awry!

Winter is getting intense in our part of the world and our little bundle of joy is rebelling against the layers of garments that we make her wear. She hates socks and shoes and pulls them out within minutes of us putting them on her.

She loves to wear matching shoes when we go out, but home, it is a different matter. The moment we are inside our home, she sits down and pulls out her shoes and socks.

Since she is an ardent fan of Mickey mouse club, we shouted Eureka when we found very cute slippers with minnie mouse on them... we just knew that she would love to wear them, and no more worries about her tiny frozen feet!!!...

Well... we were right...and wrong!!!

She is never without the slippers at home, but instead of wearing them on her feet, she holds them close to her chest!!! ...After all, it is Minnie mouths ...

The picture is of her wearing them on her feet for the first time.


  1. such an incredibly cute story!! minnie mouths!!

  2. PRICELESS !!!
    (I want a pair!)

  3. Aww they are cute! If I have a pair like that, I would also wear them a lot. lol

  4. At the beginning of the season for warmer shoes we had that issue when going out. Hunter did not want to wear socks and shoes.

    Thanks for stopping by my place! Sorry you could not find my entrecard - I have that problem on other peoples blog sometime as well!